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Thomas and Nancy (Terry) Carder

I received some great information from a descendant of Nancy Terry and Thomas Carder:

Their son Berryman Carder married Melissa Roper.

Nancy Caroline Carder, daughter of Berry and Melissa, married Thomas Lee Burris, son of Jacob Burris and Emeline Willbanks.

Nancy and Thomas Burris, Nancy's mother Melissa Roper Carder, and Nancy's brother Robert Carder are all buried in Fairy Cemetery in Hamilton County, Texas.

Nancy's sister, Olive Carder Willbanks, is buried with her husband Joe Willbanks in Hico Cemetery, also in Hamilton County.

Nancy and Thomas Burris had a daughter, Selma, who married Marion Lee Agee.

Census Records


1830 Federal Census, Habersham County, Georgia, page 10
Iverson Carder, age 50-60
female 30-40
male 15-20
female 10-15
near son
Thomas CARDER, age 20-30, page 27
female 15-20
female under 5

1840 Federal Census, Murray County, GA, District 824, page 14.
(near William Wilbanks)

Thomas Carder and wife both age 20-30
daughter age 10-15
son 5-10
son 5-10
son under 5
son under 5

1850 Federal Census, Murray County, GA, page 265A, 1621-1621.
(next door to Nancy’s parents, Terry and Constance Lewis)
Thomas Corder, 45 SC illiterate
Nancy, 37 SC
Elizabeth, 21 GA
Berryman, 19 GA
Thomas, 17 GA
John, 13 GA
Kimsey, 11 GA
Ann, 9 GA
Martha, 7 GA
John B. KEITH, 5 GA
Reugen J. KEITH, 1 GA

1860 Federal Census, Murray County, GA, Dist 972, Rock Creek, page 42. #286
George C. Terry, 49 SC, $5000-$2500
Nancy Carder, 47 SC
Kimsey, 29 GA, farm laborer
William H., 12 GA
M. G. West, 21 GA, farm laborer, $125
Sarah E., 23 GA
William J., 8/12 GA
Berry Carder, 25 GA, farm laborer, $100, illiterate
Malissa, 24 SC
Olive, 2 GA
Martha M., 5 GA

1870 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, District 1013, page 13, #91
Berry Carder, 36 GA, farm laborer, --- $200
Margaret M. Carder, 36 GA [Margaret Melissa Roper 1832-1917]
Olive M. Carder, 11 GA
Jane Carder, 7 GA
Luella Carder, 5 GA
Nancy C. Carder, 3
Rose E. Carder, 9/12, b. Nov.
neighbors: Roberson Bates, 43 GA and John and Caroline Sellers, 45 and 43 NC

1880 Federal Census, Doolittle (972), Murray County, Georgia, 5 June 1880, page 10
near William Jackson Willbanks
Malissa Carder, 44 GA SC SC, keeping house
Lou E., 15 GA. at school
Robbison, 7 GA
Elisa, 4 GA
Rosa ,10 GA, at school
page 11.
James J. Smith, 59 NC SC SC, wagon maker
Jane, 58 SC SC SC
Caroline Carder, 12 GA GA GA. at school, ward of Smith

Jackson, 16 GA
William K., 12 GA
John, 10 GA

1910 Federal Census, Tilton, Whitfield, Georgia
Kimsey Carder, 75 GA GA GA, married 45 years, owns farm
Sarah A., 61 GA GA SC, 8 of 11 children alive
Nancy E., 30 GA GA GA
Andrew J., 24 GA GA GA, carpenter at railroad building
William, 21 GA GA GA, laborer for railroad John, 19 GA GA GA, farm laborer

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