Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Louis Lafayette Terry Family

Here's some information sent to me on the family of Louis Lafayette Terry in OK.

Louis (Born 1888) and Ellen Terry had nine children, only three of which are living. They resided in Poteau, OK until their deaths. Louis died @1968, Ellen died @ 1974.

Raymond - accidently shot and killed at approx. 14 yrs. - I believe he was their first child.

Ward - may be a nickname, died in infancy

Carl - deceased @ 1990 in CA, was married to Thelma (now deceased) and they had three children.

Gene - deceased in Mena, AR (this could have been in the 80's), he was married to Ruth and they had three children: Raymond, Clifford and Connie. Gene served in the Army during WWII and was wounded in France. In later years he drove a truck and had a little ranch in Mena, AR.

She remembers hearing about "Long Luke" Terry. My mother remembers her uncle Louis A. Terry being referred to as "Big Luke" with Louis L. Terry as "Little Luke."

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