Thursday, July 08, 2010

More Info on Thomas Terry

My last post about a Thomas J. Terry from Virginia that I had found during a visit to the library resulted in and email from Jeaneen Terry, a family researcher who has been working on the line for more than 25 years. She gave me a ton of leads, including the a copy of the will of the Thomas J. Terry in question. The will was of Fluvanna County Virginia, but was proved in Louisa County. Here is some more information, courtesy of Jeaneen:

Pamunkey Davenport Chronicles:
This is a family of Davis Davenport who lived next to Capt. Thomas Terry. Davis's son married Grace daughter of Thomas Terry. The first 15 pages tell a lot of information about early 1690 - 1720 Va.

Nicholas Mills Sr. lived on the other side of the Terry property before most moved farther west into Va. He had a son named Nicholas and this son had 2 daughters named Ann. Back then the families named each son after a male leader of the family or the wife's maiden name so others would know which family you were connected to. This would explain Mills Terry's name. The Mills family moved west to what is now Albemarle Co. but at the time it was still Hanover Co.. This too is something you have to watch for . COUNTY CHANGES. Note : Ann was also the Mother's and Grandmother's name.

Stephen son of Capt. Thomas Terry filed in 1699 claim in House of Burgess for land that was subleased from the Indians along with James edward and Lewis Davis.
Capt. Thomas Children: Stephen, Grace ( Thomas Davenport), Keziah ( Richard Davenport), Sarrah ( Edward Bradley ) , William, Daniel, and Gideon.

William Terry born England died Va. Children : James abt 1665 and Thomas abt. 1669 died 1735 His son Stephen was the Executor. This is the same Stephen to whom our Thomas was born. It's Not the Stephen born 1702 Hanover Co.

Capt. Thomas was listed as an Indian fighter, the last King William Magistrate and St. Margaret's Parish Church warden ( the first Justice of the Peace )

Quit Rents Rolls of 1704
James, Thomas and Stephen are listed on the Quit Rents Rolls of 1704 in King William Co.

Thomas 300 acres
James 400 acres
Stephen 330 Acres.

James and Thomas received land for transporting people to the Colony. At the time anyone paying 6 pounds Sterling for the trip would receive 50 acres. For those who couldn't pay they sold their service for a period of 4-7 years and the one who paid the transportation got the land. The Terry's transported a good number of folk and were know to be men of wealth. Thomas aquired hundreds of acres.He lived approximately 15 miles up Pamunkey Neck

OUR Thomas Terry born 1732 Hanover Co. Died 8 Oct 1804 Louisa Co.
Revolutionary # S 7700 soldier of the Continental Line. Served under John Peyton's 3rd Va. Regiment.

DAR Patriot Index page 671 lists Thomas and wife Ann

Thomas's will was of Fluvanna County but, Proved in Louisa Co in 1804.