Thursday, January 25, 2007

Letter by Ola Dugan

May 25, 1941 - Midland Arkansas

Was a day to remember. Maggie, Pee Wee, Imogene, 4 years, and Leon, 10 months old. And Hettie, Naith and Evelyn, 18 years old. Went to Spiro and Webb, myself, Ola, and Querita, 14 years old went in our car and taken Viola and Tommie, Jociedean, 6, Daniel James, 5, Johnnie Lee, 2 1/2 years old to Spiro. There we meet Donnie, Oscar, Jeweldean, 16 years old. At Louis' house, where Louis, Sarah, Wanda, 16, LA, 18, and Lousie, whom is married, but her husband is in the Army. and Jessie, Helen Fay, Mary Elizabeth about 3 years. And the baby girl about 9 months old. And Verner, Jewel, Tom Thum,11, Ramaann, 9, Mickey Dean 5, and baby Linda about 3 months old. And Glendon, Needa and Baby Petra Margreet about 3 months old.

We all had dinner in picnic style. Then after dinner Louis, Jessie, Maggie went in Peewee's car led the way. Verner, Jewel, Naith, Donnie, Oscar, Hettie and Sarah in Oscar's car. Web, Viola, Tommie and myself in our car left out for the Tom George graveyard to find mother's grave. We found it. Cleaned it off. Mounded it up. Donnie put a bouquet wreath. Sarah a bunch of home flowers. It was my first time to see mother's grave since I can remember. My daughter and (her children) my grandsons were with me. Donnie's son and grandson. Hettie's daughter and grandson. Louis' daughter and granddaughter. Each one had 3 generations. There was on link missing from the chain. That was Fate. I pray to God there will not be one missing when we stand around mother in our new home that Jesus has gone to prepare for us on high. And may God bless each child, grandchild and great grandchild.

Written Monday, May 26, 1941