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Descendants of Lewis Terry - Generation No. 1

Back in February of 2002 I had a brief correspondence with Kaye Nichols, a genealogical researcher in Georgia. Her email failed shortly afterward, and I have never been able to get back in touch with her. She mailed me (via snail mail) a great genealogical report entitled "Descendants of Lewis Terry. " Being new to research and less diligent than I should have been, I entered the main points into my Family Tree Maker program and filed the hard copy. Then I exported a digital version from my FTM program and saved it to my hard drive.

As is usually the case, I was busy and wasn't able to get back to my research hobby for a number of weeks or even months. By that time I had forgotten about the hard copy, and assumed that Kaye emailed me the digital version.

To make a long story short, I just found the hard copy. Nine pages of great information. I won't have time to transcribe the whole thing for the website at one time, but will be blogging is bit by bit, and sending a copy via snail mail to my cousins.

So without further ado:

Descendants of Lewis Terry

Generation No. 1

1. Lewis1 Terry was born 1770 in Habersham County*, South Carolina. He married Constance. She was born 1765 in Virginia.

Children of Lewis and Constance are:
+ 2 i. George C.2 Terry, born July 07, 1810 in South Carolina; died January 01, 1888 in Murray County, GA.
+ 3 ii. William "Bill" Terry, born 1811 in Pendleton, South Carolina; died 1890 in Murray County, GA.
4 iii. Nancy Terry, born 1813 in South Carolina. She married Thomas Carder.
+ 5 iv. Joseph L. Terry, born March 12, 1814 in Pendleton, South Carolina; died August 23, 1880 in Darwar County, Texas.
+ 6 v. Duncan Terry, born December 25, 1816 in South Carolina; died 1862

* Various census records have Lewis Terry's birthplace in South Carolina. However the only Habersham County I have been able to locate is in Georgia, and was not created until 1818. The current location of Habersham County and the area once known as Pendleton District, South Carolina are less then 100 miles from each other. More research needed here.

Another item of note, that has been pointed out by other researchers, is that Constance would have been 51 years old at the time of Duncan's birth. It would be nice to have another source of information to confirm 1) the date of birth of Constance and 2) that Constance is actually Duncan's mother. Unfortunately the document I have doesn't list sources.

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