Friday, July 10, 2009

George Walter Terry

Doing a search for George Walter Terry lead me to a family tree on Unfortunately it was locked. I needed membership to view the information. Fortunately they offer a 14 day free trial. So I signed up. This may be the George Walter Terry in my family tree who is the son of Duncan and Wysetta. The owner of the family tree has made the connection. I'm not 100% certain. Here's the information:

George Walter Terry

Oct 14 1845 - Born in Georgia - fathers birthplace listed as North Carolina in all Arkansas census records*
Feb 26 1857 - Married Mary S. Andrews**
Nov 25th 1925 - Death in Oklona, AR

* In the 1860 census, the birthplace of our George Walter Terry's father, Duncan, is listed as South Carolina.
** I don't believe this date is correct as it would have him married at age 12 to his wife, who would have been 2 years old at the time. In addition he is listed with his family on the 1860 census. The information is not sourced.

Family Group
Mary S. Andrews 1855 – 1930
Francis Terry 1878 –
Minda Terry 1879 –
Drucilla Terry 1880 –
Lucy Terry 1881 –
Lura Mae Terry 1883 –
John Thomas Terry 1887 –
Unia Terry 1887 –
Saphronia Terry 1887 –
James Walter Terry 1889 –1907
Jesse Terry 1894 –
Oma E. Terry 1898 –

Age: 15
Georgia Militia District 1013, Murray, Georgia
Source: 1860 United States Federal Census
Age: 35
Valley, Hot Spring, Arkansas, United States
Source: 1880 United States Federal Census
Age: 55 Residence
Bismarck, Hot Spring, Arkansas
Source: 1900 United States Federal Census
Age: 65
Bismarck, Hot Spring, Arkansas
Source: 1910 United States Federal Census
Age: 75
Valley, Hot Spring, Arkansas
Source: 1920 United States Federal Census

Source: S. M. Head Family
Owner: yak23flora

From 1900 census
George W Terrey 50
Mary S Terrey 43
Arminda Terrey 18
Luen M Terrey 17
Lucy E Terrey 15
John T Terrey 12
James W Terrey 9
Una T Terrey 8
Jessee J Terrey 6
Naoma E Terrey 1

from 1910 census
Name Age
George W Terry 61
Mary Terry 52
Lulah May Terry 27
Tenie Terry 17
Jessie Terry 15
Naoma Terry 11
Connel A Shuffield 1 5/12

1920 census
George W Terry 70
Mary S Terry 62
Lulamay Terry 37

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