Sunday, October 15, 2006

Articles from the Scott County Citizen, 1889

Here are some articles sent to my by Si and Sharon Goodwin, featuring my Great Grandfather, Duncan Lafayette Terry and my Great Grandmother, Harriet Sliger Terry. My Grandfather, William Lafayette Terry was born in July of 1889, so he was on the way when these were written.

On last Sunday morning Mrs. Terry, wife of Lafayette Terry, a prisoner in the Scott county jail, put in her appearance at the jail building and asked leave to see her husband and to visit a few hours with him. Deputy Sheriff W.G. Jones… admitted her into the side-room of the jail house and turned the key and then went to the heavy jail door, unlocked it and presented Terry to his wife. Mr. Jones retured to the other end of the room leaving the couple at the end the door was in. He forgot to take the key from the lock…Terry made a dash for the door, turned the key and in a flash was out, running at breakneck speed…after a swift race Terry was overtaken by Dick Jones, brother of W.G. Jones…Terry was brought back and placed in jail…

The marshal took Fate Terry from our jail to Fort Smith Monday to answer a charge of violating the internal revenue laws by peddling whisky on our streets sometime ago.

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